Safety Resources & Tools

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Compliance

The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard requires that employers implement engineering and work practice controls to reduce occupational exposure to blood and body fluids that can cause bloodborne disease.

OSHA Bloodborne & 

Needlestick Prevention Page HERE


NIOSH Stop Sticks Campaign

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) have resources, including their Stop Sticks Campaign.  The materials are a bit dated, but remain tried and true even today.  

Stop Sticks Campaign HERE

One & Only Safe Injection Practices

The "One & Only Campaign" is led by CDC and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition, to raise awareness among patients and providers about safe injection practices. The Campaign focuses on eliminating infections resulting from unsafe injection practices.

Access Campaign HERE

CDC Injection Safety

CDC has a great resource page, rich with information for providers and patients about injection safety in a variety of settings, including safe practices needed when administering medications from multi-dose vials.

Access CDC Injection Safety Page HERE

Protecting Patients from Improper Use of Vials

Evidence shows that ongoing outbreaks result from inappropriate use of single-dose/single-use vials causing patients harm.  CDC and others offer resources to help you build safer medication administration programs.

More information on safety, 

cost, and availability HERE

Regulatory Standard Interpretations

Use of safety engineered syringes and safer work practices (not recapping and safe disposal) continue to evolve in the regulatory arena.  Stay abreast of policy statements and letters of interpretation about safe vial management here.

OSHA Letter: Distribution of Standard (Non-Safety) Syringes

OSHA Letter: Withdrawing Medications from Vials