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More Control || Safer Vial & Ampoule Management

Vial^PRO is a patented system designed for complete control of a syringe used when drawing medication from vials and ampoules.  The holding system allows for two-hand control of the syringe and syringe caps, so that clinicians can keep their hands behind the needle and avoid a needlestick injury while also providing better and safer access to the vial for accurate dosing. 

Note: This is not a medical device, it is a structural accessory (non-critical) and therefore is not cleared by FDA.

Customer Feedback   

"Vial^PRO has all but eliminated needle sticks from our list of safety incidences."

"Vial^PRO is a very safe and effective tool for handling samples that require the use of needles for extraction."  

Eliminate Unsafe Technique & Decrease Needlesticks

This standard process is too risky. 

Vial^PRO removes the awkward controlling issues of handling the syringe with one hand and the medications with the other, while pulling back on a plunger to extract  medications/fluids. 

Awkward movements like this that are performed frequently can cause repetitive motion injuries. They can also result in dosing errors due to lack of line of sight visibility.  

Improve Patient Safety & Satisfaction

Use With Vials; easy to use it with a vial, tip vial upside down then twist the neck of the vial in the place between the extended holding rods, then simply and easily extract the fluids/medications.    

Use With Ampoules; simple to use, slide the plastic ampoule holder down on the extended rod, and then the glass ampoule is placed in the holder. Then a hemostat is used to break the tip of the ampoule allowing extraction of the medications.  

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Intellectual Property & Performance Parameters   

Vial^PRO system is patented under United States Utility Patent.

Patent for the permanently locking Capping Systems has been filed. 

Vial^PRO is fully developed and available for production. Performance has been demonstrated by a scientific research laboratory (Wuxi App Tec).   

Made in the USA || Home Offices in SD & TX